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Flintstones in motion and stills

The only thing I want on here is "Flintstones" but if I run out of them then I'll stick other toons on here.

If the dog is man's best friend,then dinosaur's were woman's best friend.

Dino was never nursed as a baby, so Wilma will fill the role as his mother every chance she gets.

When the Flintstones and the Rubbles get together they have fun.

Basiclly Barney loves eating Betty, who loves eating Wilma ,who in turn loves sucking Fred.

Betty helps Fred break in the new chair.

Fred bought a new chair and Betty wants to sit in it, but Fred told her she could sit in his lap , so Betty took it one step further and helps him break it in good and proper.

Barney helps Wilma with something caught in her throat.

Wilma had something caught in her throat,and barney had a good way to get whatever it was out, by shooting it out.

Not what it looks like.

Fred drop the soap on the lodge floor shower and Barney slipped on it.



Now this is what it looks like.

Wilma blows Fred while Barney fucks her in the ass. He better hurry up though, Betty's on her way over to tell him dinner is ready,if she catches him ,I'll bet he won't get desert.

Another example of dino as woman's best friend.

Fred is right. Wilma is starting to spoil Dino.